baptize; bathe; develop; lave; right; sack; scour; shuffle; wash1.lave  2.scour  3.embathe  4.washed  5.shampooing  6.rifflethrough  7.lavage  
  1. 人们应经常澡以保证个人卫生。
    People should wash regularly to ensure personal hygiene.
  2. 吃饭前,我必须手。
    I must wash my hands before dinner.
  3. 帮我洗这些锅碗瓢盆好吗?
    Will you help me to wash up all these pots and pans?
  4. 这件羊毛衫后会缩水吗?
    Will this woolen sweater shrink when washed?
  5. 这台衣机真是老古董了。
    This washing machine is really a veteran.
  6. 小猫喝了牛奶,又了脸。
    The little cat drank its milk and washed its face.
  7. 这地板该了。
    The floor requires washing.
  8. 我昨晚用衣机洗了很多衣服。
    I washed many clothes with my washer last night.
洗的意思 洗 ǐ 用水去掉污垢:洗脸。洗涮。洗涤。洗澡。洗心革面(喻彻底悔改)。 清除干净:清洗。 像水洗一样抢光,杀光:洗劫。 昭雪冤枉:洗雪。洗冤。 照相的显影定影:冲洗。洗印。 玩牌时把牌搀和整理:洗牌。